Accelerate development with Kafka

TypeStream is your powerful abstraction layer for Kafka. Reduce the overhead and complexity, streamline your data streaming tasks, and accelerate your product development cycle.

Kafka Streams vs TypeStream

See how TypeStream radically changes your product development

Kafka Streams:
Two Days to Two Weeks

Developing with Kafka Streams means writing a microservice, testing it exhaustively, and managing its deployment in the cloud. This process can take anywhere from a couple of days to two full weeks.

  • Writing Custom Consumers and Producers for the Simplest Transformations
  • Managing containers
  • Slow iterations

TypeStream: Five Minutes

With TypeStream, you can test transformations locally and swiftly deploy them in the cloud. The entire process takes mere minutes, drastically reducing your time-to-market and boosting your productivity. Transition from days or weeks of development to just a few minutes with TypeStream.

  • One liners with a familiar interface
  • Deploy with a single command
  • Quick iterations


Replacing microservices with a collection of one-liners from the command line is easy.

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