Accelerate development with TypeStream

TypeStream is an open-source streaming platform that allows you to write, run, and ship typed data pipelines with a minimal, familiar syntax in a matter of minutes.

From your terminal to production in seconds

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Traditional approach

No matter how simple your data pipeline, you need to write an app, test it exhaustively. You also have manage its deployment in the cloud. This process always takes days, often weeks.

  • Write a whole application even for the simplest transformations.
  • Slow development iterations.
  • Manage your app on your on in productions.


Fire up a TypeStream shell session to quickly iterate your transformations locally. Once you're ready, ship them to production with one simple command. Minutes, not days.

  • One liners with a familiar interface.
  • Deploy with a single command.
  • TypeStream manages your app in production.


Replace whole applications with one-liners!

Enrich page views with country codes

Say we have a log of page views and we want to build a heatmap of where people are visiting from. We can enrich those page views with the country by making a `GET` call to an external API:

cat dev/kafka/local/topics/page_views | enrich { view -> http "{$view.ip_address}" | cut .country}

Remove PII (Personally Identifiable Information)

Let's say you have a stream of page views of your site being logged to a "page_views" topic. We can remove plunk the data we want and re-emit the data:

cat dev/kafka/local/topics/page_views | cut .book_id .viewed_at

Enrich data with OpenAI

Say we have a bookstore and we record all new books to the topic "books". We would like to enrich the book information with summaries from OpenAI:

cat dev/kafka/local/topics/books | enrich { book -> openai-complete "Summarize the book #{$book.title}" | cut .text}

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